Sunday, 16 December 2012

weekly wrap up : kelso time

This past week, I had the absolute joy of having our dear ps:heart Kelso visit me in Edmonton! We had an absolute blast, eating, and eating...and eating...
@ Block 1912 on Whyte Ave. enjoying a delicious lunch of green onion cakes & house soup...

@ my absolute FAV restaurant in Edmonton, a New Orleans Diner called Da-De-O's....seriously, if you are ever in town, this place is an absolute must!! Their po-boy's, jambalaya, and sweet potato fries are to die for. Ask Kels, it's a staple whenever she visits us =]

@ Phobulous, my go-to place for Vietnamese.... did I mention that we ate... a LOT?! 

and then to top it off, Kels had to go and bake us eggnog cupcakes... seriously though, we did do other things as well! Like, make friends with cats... slash, Kelsey made friends with a cat named Solomon, while I looked on suspiciously. As cute as this guy was, cats are just sneaky, okay? They're suspicious. And they make me nervous, unless they're babies. Kittens are cool.

We also had a blast playing the latest stocking stuffer Caleb bought for me... Killer Bunnies!! LOVE this board game, unfortunately, Kels totally owned this game with her one very special Bumblebee carrot... (sorry for the game reference for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...but you should go buy this game right no, you'll love it, I promise)

And lastly, we had an epicly awesome photoshoot which involved a lot of cold, a lot of snow, and a lot of crazy... We were glad that there was only one other person we ran into at the park, since we probably would've gotten a lot of funny looks over our little photoshoot! But here it is, the lovely, magical Kelsey as a snow princess & some fun shots with my turntable =]

I'm totally choked that my dearest Kelso is already gone, but I had an absolutely wonderful time with her while she was here and am so blessed by her friendship. Keep your eyes open for some more blog posts from both of us!

p.s.  ♥ clara ...(with a big dose of kelsey thrown in!)

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