Wednesday, 21 November 2012

diy: moustache cupcake toppers

This DIY is so easy, yet it looks so cute!

These moustache cupcake toppers can be seen on my Moustache Themed Birthday Party post.

You will most likely have all the supplies on hand: black construction paper, scissors, a writing device, tape, and toothpicks.

Draw your desired moustache shape onto the construction paper. 

Cut out your magnificent moustache designs! 

Rip a small piece of tape for each moustache, and use it to adhere the toothpick to the back.

Make sure you can't see tape or part of the toothpick poking up above the top of the moustache!

Now these majestic moustaches are ready to be placed upon your cupcakes.

Again, click HERE to see more amazing moustache themed DIYs and food!

Hope your Movember has been as wonderful as mine!  I am thoroughly enjoying seeing so many moustaches around.  I believe every month should start with Mo!!

p.s. ♥ jordyn

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  1. Very cool! I did a post too on these fabulous mustaches come check it out!



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