Thursday, 8 November 2012

diy: paint chip bunting

Those who know me well know that I am obsessed with bunting.  Seriously obsessed.
I just love it so much!  It's so whimsical and fun, and can easily brighten up any space or cake!  When Jordyn made two birthday cakes for her friends (who are twins!), we knew they needed something special to finish them off.  I instantly thought of bunting!  And in just a couple minutes I whipped up two mini strands, and popped them on top of the cakes!

Now all you need are a few paint chips (I grabbed a stack from Home Depot!), or you can use coloured paper or cardstock!  Construction paper would work too!  I just loved the idea of using paint chips, since you can really pick up any shade(s) you want!

-paint chips (or: coloured paper/cardstock, construction paper, etc.)
-wooden skewers (or: anything that will hold up the bunting!)
-string (or: hemp, fishing line, floss, etc.)
-tape (or: glue)

1)  First, gently press your skewers into the top of your cake in order to measure how far apart you want them. Hold up your string between the two skewers to measure how much you'll need, and cut. Be sure to leave a bit of extra string at each end so that you'll be able to tie them to the skewers. 
2)  Now start cutting out triangles from your paint chips!  You can choose to make them bigger or smaller depending on how many you want to arrange on your string.
3)  Remove the skewers from the cake, and tie the string to each end.
4)  Now, fold the widest edge of the triangles over the string, and tape.  (Alternatively, you can cut out diamonds, fold them in half, and glue them over the string.  That way, your bunting will look cute from the front AND back).
5)  Arrange the triangles along the string until you're happy with how it looks.
6)  Finally, carefully insert your skewers back into the cake...and voila! You're done!

*This is also the same method we used for simple paper bunting!

1) cut out triangles. 2) fold over string. 3) trim edges of triangles. 4) admire your work!
These cakes are mocha!  Click here for the recipe!

I love this simple way of dressing up desserts!  I think I might try an even smaller version on cupcakes!

p.s. ♥ kelsey


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