Saturday, 24 November 2012

outfit post: peplum shirt - 3 ways

I first noticed that the peplum trend was coming back ever so slowly a few years ago...and I thought it was awful awful awful.  All I could think of were the eighties, and the strange peplum dresses that were so popular back then.

And then I found this shirt....and fell in love.

In my defence, it was the combo of the colour, lace, and back detail that convinced me that it was a good idea to even try on....AND the fact that it was on sale.  Once I had it on I couldn't say no, so here we are today!

So, I decided to style it 3 ways!

1) The first look is super casual, and is a perfect example of how I wear it to school!  I used a drapey sweater and combat boots to help dress it down.
{sweater: UO, peplum shirt: spank, pants: plenty, boots: steve madden}

2)  The next look is a bit more dressy, as I paired it with my favorite blazer, and a pair of wedges.
{blazer: charlotte russe, jeans: AEO, shoes: aldo}

3)  The final look is more formal, and I actually tucked the peplum right into my skirt!  It actually looked pretty cute untucked with a skirt as well, but that was a bit too eighties for my liking...
{skirt: charlotte russe}

The back of this shirt is pretty killer as well!

So, I'm a total hypocrite.  But I'm very happy to have been proven wrong!  It just goes to show that you should give things a try before you judge them (unless it's a mullet....please don't try that.)

I'm still completely stuck in Fall...and loving it.  Most of the trees near my apartment STILL have their leaves on....and it was beautifully sunny today!  I know it's almost December, but I don't want Winter to arrive just yet!

p.s. ♥ kelsey


  1. You only made that comment about the mullet because you know I secretly (or not so secretly) want one!

    1. I'm in love with this shirt! You are STUNNING and the back of the shirt is my FAVORITE!

    2. thank you thank you jenna! you are the sweetest!


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