Saturday, 26 January 2013

outfit post: my happy pants

These are my happy pants.  You can probably tell why.

I wear them when I need to create my own sunshine and happiness (which happens a lot on the west coast).

I totally forgot about this trench coat this year, until I wanted to take a picture of this outfit.  I had one of those "Where in the world is my favourite trench coat??" moments.  And I found it hanging on my closet door, in plain view.

I am so glad I found it!  I wear it all the time now.

I feel like it has been a while since my last jumping photo... So here you go!

Do you have a "Happy" article of clothing?  Something that puts you in a good mood when you wear it?

p.s. ♥ jordyn


  1. I have had a million of those "where is my...." moments this year. It has been fun to shop my closet and rediscover what I already have.


    1. Sometimes it is like buying new clothes, except you don't have to spend any money!!
      I was so pumped when I found my trench, I should go hunting for other clothes too!

  2. I love your trench coat as well your happy pants. You really look so happy wearing your pants.

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