Sunday, 13 January 2013

weekly wrap-up: nerds and nesting

Now, some of you may have noticed this by now...but I'm definitely a nerd.  Aaand the above photo definitely showcases this fact quite clearly.  At least I'm not alone though! haha.  We took that winner of a picture in the living room of my apartment with my roommate Rochelle, and her boyfriend Joel.  We're all nerds, and we all are proud of it!

Since I've been back in Van since the Christmas break, I've been in a funny re-organization and "nesting" mood.  Thankfully, so has my we've been doing a bit of rearranging and redecorating in our apartment, and I love it!  It's definitely a very small, compact apartment, which makes it quite difficult to go too crazy...and at times it's quite frustrating to make it look nice and homey without it becoming cluttered.   But we're getting there!

I picked up these three vases in Edmonton while I was visiting Clara!  They were cute, matched and were nice and cheap (a buck each!), so I couldn't resist.

This is right beside our front door, and perhaps my favorite new addition to our apartment.  Rochelle's boyfriend was kind enough to hang these both for us, and I'm in love!  I totally stole the idea for home sweet "home" from Clara, as she has a similar chalkboard hanging in her house....but I attempted to draw a hobbit hole, instead of a traditional house, since that's what we call our apartment.  And it's perfect to write each other notes on!

I also want to state how much I'm in love with my kobo glo!  I won 100 bucks from Chapters over Christmas (yipeee!!!), and treated myself to a kobo!  Although I'll never stop buying hard copies of books, I have fallen in love with how easy it is to bring sooo many books along with me wherever I go.  I've also figured out my library's e-book system, which has been so great!

And finally, I leave you with my favorite pair of shoes at the moment.  I received an incredible pair of handmade galaxy shoes from my crazy talented friend Ashley.  (you can check out Jordyn's pair HERE).  I was totes jealous of Jordyn's pair, and am super stoked to have my own!

p.s. ♥ kelsey


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