Thursday, 28 March 2013

diy : dried flower deco

Today's DIY comes in the form of one of my favourite ways of decorating - dried flowers. Seriously, when you live in a place like Edmonton, where we STILL have a foot of snow on the ground and no sign of spring flowers, you learn to improvise, and dried flowers are an awesome way to add a vintage, romantic touch without spending tons of money.
Drying flowers is the easiest thing to do - truly, take a bouquet or even just a single flower, flip it upside down, and hang it for a couple days until the flower is completely dried out. To make sure your dried flowers still look pretty though, make sure you begin drying out your flowers while they've still got a nice colour and aren't turning brown at the tips. You don't get to enjoy your fresh flowers for quite as long if you're planning on drying, but you'll have gorgeous dried flowers to decorate your place with!

*friendly tip: if you're drying a bouquet of flowers, wrap a piece of lace around the elastic that's holding your flowers together!
After your flowers are dried, don't feel like they have stay hanging! Add fun touches like putting them in vintage teacups, old milk glasses, mason jars, glass soda bottles, or in unique vases.  
Aren't these lovely?! And yes, I'm a little obsessed with drying flowers, pressing flower petals, etc. They are literally all over our apartment :) As much as I absolutely love (and prefer) having fresh, living flowers, dried flowers are just so romantic and have the added benefit of decorating your space for a very small cost, lasting forever, and keeping you sane through those long winter....and spring months ;) haha!

p.s. ♥ clara


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