Friday, 1 June 2012

diy : art frame chalkboards

1. Collect old art frames! I picked mine up at a thrift store close to our place.
Try & find frames that have  elaborate & interesting details =)

2. This is optional, but take out the glass & art in the frames and paint them (or spray paint, which is what I ended up doing). I chose white because I felt it went better with our home decor,
but I was really tempted to leave them in their original brass/gold...maybe next time.

3. Chalkboard paint away! I painted about 4 layers of chalkboard paint onto the glass that came with the frames I picked up. It worked wonderfully! I waited 5-10 minutes in-between each layer and a full half hour after the last layer before I used chalk on my new chalkboard... can you tell what song was stuck in my head all day?

4. Lastly, put all the pieces back together, and voila! You've got some gorgeous,
original chalkboards to  hang up in your home and spice up your walls. 
Here's the kind of chalkboard paint that I used for this project: Rust-oleum Specialty Black.
  I've decided to hang mine up right by our dining table and always have a bible verse on the biggest frame to serve as a reminder of the Maker all things good & beautiful. Enjoy! & happy weekend =)

ps: clara ♥


  1. I LOVE THESE! I need to do something like this for the wedding! Will you help me when you come?

  2. Replies
    1. thanks sista! & more thanks for sharing our blog on your fb wall =)

  3. Very cool idea. The girls would love to do something like this. Fun summer craft idea. Thanks for posting and for Petara for sharing your blog

  4. wow! I love this ^^ thanks for the awesome idea :)

    1. aw thanks! =) credit for the idea really goes to pinterest though...haha!

  5. so delightful! i think this will be my next project. <3

    1. yes! I would LOVE to see your take on it =) I'm sure it would be absolutely lovely!

  6. So easy and cute! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll definitely be using this for our new office/homework room redo..
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