Thursday, 21 June 2012

diy : cake stands

While I was visiting in BC this past week, Kelsey and I made these adorable little cake stands from some gorgeous thrift store finds. We saw this idea in a cute little vintage store while shopping for a bridal shower gift and couldn't wait to try it out ourselves! 

Aren't they just gorgeous? The beauty of this diy is found in its simplicity: it costs next to nothing (we spent less than $5) and it takes less than 5 minutes to put together! Yes, we know... AMAZING. 

1) Apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom of your cup (or candlestick).
2) Press the cup firmly onto your plate.
3) Use a q-tip to clean up any excess glue.
4) Hold the cup in the center of your plate until the glue starts to set.
5) Let the glue dry completely before using (minimum of 24 hours).

**We recommend that you hand-wash these only!

Seriously though, for such a simple concept, the end result is stunning! We absolutely fell in LOVE with these little cake stands. They're so delicate, vintage-y, and lovely... perfect for a tea party!
& if you're looking for the perfect gift to give away to those bakers in your lives, they would probably love these adorable little stands to show off their yummy creations!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!
ps: kelsey & clara ♥


  1. Super cool!!!!!!!! And the dishwasher doesn't make the glue come undone?

    Rachel H

    1. We haven't put them through the dishwasher yet...but I would probably recommend hand-washing them only!

  2. This is a great DIY! I remember my dad making something similar with two plates for my mom to put in the kitchen so we could have fruits handy :)

  3. AMAZING!!!!! What a fabulous idea.

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