Saturday, 2 June 2012

outfit of the day: geometric dress

I definitely have an addiction to dress shopping...and spring and summer are definitely perfect seasons to go crazy over them.  I have a specific love for dresses (well...anything really) which come from Urban Outfitters, although their sale rack is where I find most of my items!

The pocket watch necklace above is one of my favorite pieces of jewellery, although I'm on the lookout for one that tells the time for real!

Another love of mine at the moment is mustard yellow, and this cardigan adds a nice pop of colour to any outfit.

ps: kelsey ♥


  1. sooo cute!! I LOVE the dress & the mustard yellow! you are gorgeous!

  2. wondrously springy and so lighthearted! super cute outfit kelsey!

  3. Your hair looks so marvellous in these photos and I love the skirt. Too cute.


  4. You are adorable! I love that dress on you!

  5. so cute loved the cardigan .. it was a value addition .. visit my blog sometym


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