Friday, 15 June 2012

diy : summer fedora

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, I thought this cute & super easy diy would be perfect to share! Above are some of the supplies I had on hand, (I didn't end up using any feathers, but I think they'd be adorable to use!) 

 I found my fedora at the dollar store and I actually love it! It fits perfectly and though the quality isn't fantastic, for a buck, I'm certainly not complaining. The lace, flowers, feathers, buttons, and pearls are all things that I've thrifted and had kicking around the house. I love that this diy is so flexible to your own unique personal style!

I dressed up my flowers with some pearls & lace to get a cute vintage feel =)

So glue gun away with your accessories, and voila! 
You have a lovely summer fedora to take with you on all your summer adventures.

I made my fedora with this dress from modcloth (which is actually my maid of honour dress for one of my dearest friend's upcoming wedding!) as my inspiration. Isn't the bow on the back of the dress just precious?

Happy summer days!

ps: clara ♥


  1. you look lovely with the fedora! I love this ^^

    1. aww thank you!! you're so sweet. & I was pretty excited about this project too =)

  2. I love your blog girls. I just got caught up on what you've been creating, I've missed for abit. I love the bows and your story as I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid too, but at the same time I really loved all things pretty, the fedora is classy and creates mystery and intrigue about the wearer, the cake plate pizzasy craft is beautiful, so simple but absolutely elegant. Good ideas ladies.


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