Friday, 8 June 2012

wanderlust : kenya in black & white

I had an absolutely incredible time in Kenya and am excited to show off some black and white photos of this gorgeous country & its people. First off, Kenyans are probably the most FRIENDLY people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They were so welcoming, gracious, and lovely that you can't help but fall in love with them! That being said, the corruption that exists in this country is despicable. 
This photo is the remains of what used to be the Mitumba Slum, which housed over 35,000 people. Last fall, the Kenyan government gave the people of the slum less than 24 hours of notice to evacuate and then bulldozed the entire place down. This place is particularly special to me because my husband's  family & church in Medicine Hat helped build a church, orphanage, and school in this slum alongside a local pastor. Thankfully, though all these buildings have been destroyed, the peoples' spirits aren't broken. In fact, they're praising God that nobody was harmed and are praying faithfully that God will provide for them. I was so blessed by them & truly have so much to learn from their attitudes! 

This little boy, Peter, was just so precious. He's one of the slum kids from the orphanage and has such a tragic story. First, his biological mother abandoned him and his 2 older sisters. His father took care of them, but when he got remarried, the new wife threatened to kill the kids. So Peter's father dropped off his 3 kids at the Mitumba Slum Orphanage and abandoned them... such a tragic beginning to life, yet Peter and his sisters have so much joy and are so thankful to Pastor Shadrack and his wife Violet for taking them in and have totally flourished in their new home. Praise God! 
After spending time working with Pastor Shadrack in Nairobi, Caleb and I had the incredible opportunity of going up to Northern Kenya to visit the Samburu and Rendille tribes. The people there were so lovely and I just fell in love with rural Kenya! 
I also had the great fortune of having my birthday while I was in Northern Kenya and was blessed with this lovely breakfast and note =) 
I absolutely adored how the people adorned themselves with bright, colourful, beaded jewellery!
They are such beautiful people!

We met some beautiful people in Korr that were absolutely in love with Jesus. What an encouragement! We were so blessed to see God working in such a remote area (not that we ever doubted that He could!) and we felt so encouraged by the missionaries we stayed with and the local believers. It was a completely different world, yet the hearts of the people are totally the same.Overall, our trip to Africa was a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience. We definitely feel called to go back in the future and can't wait for that day to come! Keep the people of Kenya in your prayers =) 

ps: clara ♥


  1. You went to Kenya?! Oh my, those photos are just so breathtaking...

  2. Could you tell me, after your second photo, whatever you have written is just one letter per line. Is that just on my computer, or is it on your post that way? Thanks!


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