Saturday, 9 June 2012

outfit post : introducing Mr. Hildebrand

I am honoured to introduce & feature Mr. Caleb Hildebrand for the first husband post! 
This handsome man is all mine (Clara) and I really could not be happier =) We've been married for almost one year! Time certainly flies when you're having fun.
This man makes me laugh & smile till my face hurts and I am so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. We have so much fun together! From being students together, travelling to Mexico & Africa, camping, fishing, and all sorts of other adventures, we have had such a great first year as a married couple and I look forward to growing old and grey with this man. 
& for the sake of this outfit post... Caleb is wearing a Gap shirt, Gap khakis, Steve Madden shoes, Winners belt... and my favourite piece, suspenders I found off Ebay for a couple bucks =)  Isn't he just dashing? I'm proud to say that we just celebrated his graduation with the family last week, and we've been so blessed that he was able to get a job right away with a great Engineering company here in Edmonton. We've been so blown away with how God has provided for us as a young married couple!
Hope you enjoyed getting to know my man a little & the change-up in our outfit posts! 

ps: clara ♥ 


  1. Would it be ok if his mom was the first one to leave a comment?? He is pretty handsome I must say. I love the suspender look. Caleb has found himself a real beauty in Clara, inside and out, to share his life with him. His dad and I could not be happier for him!!!!

    Rachel Hildebrand

    1. aww thanks mom! your constant support & love means so much to us =)

  2. caleb looks very dapper. you two are a delight!

  3. I LOVE this so much! And I agree with Celine...he's looking very dapper!

    1. glad you like it! I got too lazy to dress myself up, so I really enjoyed this post! he's my very own Peeta... ;) hehe, now if only I could get him to bake...


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