Thursday, 9 August 2012

diy : doodle lyrics canvas

This week's DIY inspiration comes from some good old doodling in my journal! I was doing my devos in the morning and couldn't get this hymn out of my head... I just love the simplicity and honesty of hymns and I really liked how my little doodle turned out, so I decided I wanted this doodle hanging above our piano on a bigger scale. It ended up being the perfect DIY to spice up our home for us music lovers =)

Fortunately, I had a big canvas that had a rip in it that I thought would work perfectly for this DIY!

materials: mod podge/glue stick, paintbrushes, old music paper/old book pages, black sharpie

-  i n s t r u c t i o n s - 

1. paint the modpodge onto your canvas
2. place your old music sheets / book pages onto the canvas, layer as needed & rip the sides for more texture! 
3. start ... d o o d l i n g ! Your lines do NOT have to be perfect, they can be messy, and this really doesn't require any crazy artistic ability....seriously, just doodle! Go nuts & have fun =)
4. once the ink has dried from your doodling, paint another layer of mod podge on to finish it!

This was such a fun, inexpensive project, and I love having this musical themed canvas hanging above our piano! The only problem now is that I've gotten a little hooked on doodling now and have a million more ideas that I want to try using this framework...adding a splash of colour with watercolours, different quotes & lyrics, a backdrop of book pages instead of music sheets...oh the possibilities!

Do you have a favourite hymn? Or a song that you can't get out of your head? Or are you a crazy doodler like me? If so, you need to try this diy out! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did =) 

p.s.  clara ♥


  1. I love this. Give it to me. For real, give it to me now.

    1. Stunning! Absolutely breathtaking. The Lord has blessed you with an amazingly creative mind!

  2. You are so crazy talented! This is amazing!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever!!!!! I love that. I love how you think.
    Mama H

  4. Oh Clara this is beautiful!! I have one I really want to make, but I really suck at doodling :(

    1. oooh, what is it? let me know! maybe you'll get it for Christmas ;)

    2. I love the quote "If I sing when I cook, the food will be happy.” by Pasquale Carpino!
      I would love to hang it in our kitchen ;)
      hint hint nudge nudge

    3. such a cute quote! I can definitely work with that! haha, now to figure out how to get it back to you....hmm, someone will just have to come and visit me! ;)

  5. This is a beautiful beautiful project. I love the idea of putting lyrics from hymns/worship songs onto canvas. You have done a beautiful job!


  6. Beautiful! I can't wait to try this!

  7. i love this so much!!!!!! :') might as well try it soon! :D


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