Tuesday, 28 August 2012

tasty tuesday: sangria iced tea

Now if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm really not a huge fan of coffee....and I don't even like tea.

Yes, I know.  What in the world is wrong with me?  Please understand that I WANT to be normal, and I really want to enjoy these beverages.  One day I would love to say to a friend: "Let's go out for coffee!" and for there to actually be a possibility of actually getting coffee!  But until that day I will have to settle for frapps from Starbucks....and very select iced teas.  Baby steps.

The first time I had Sangria Iced Tea was at a vintage market that my mom and I went to several months ago (I blogged about that HERE).  The lovely lady that was giving out samples of it was named Karla (from Karla's Specialteas).  Although I was a bit skeptical since it did have "tea" in the name, I gave it a go.  And it was so good!  I was officially hooked!  My mom and I promptly bought a tin of Sangria tea, as well as a few other flavors for her and Jordyn to try out.  They've absolutely loved all of Karla's teas so far, so much so that my mom is even planning on stocking them in our country store this fall!

(The picture above is of ice cubes that we made using the sangria tea....that way it wouldn't get diluted once they melted!)

This is the recipe straight from Karla....and is perfect for those hot Summer days.

Sangria Iced Tea
from: Karla

2 heaping TBSP of Sangria Tea
4 cups Boiling Water

Steep your tea for at least 5 minutes.  Sweeten with a bit of sugar while it's hot!  (Or with simple syrup if sweetening it when cold - simple syrup is just 1 part water, 1 part sugar....boiled until the sugar dissolves!)
Pour over ice and serve!

[Optional]: Add in fresh lemon, strawberry and/or orange slices!


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