Monday, 20 August 2012

introducing: back to basics

We are so excited to introduce a new recipe series to you!  "Back to Basics" will be a series where we walk you through staple recipes and kitchen skills that we think would be useful to everyone.  I've had this idea in my head for MONTHS, and the original inspiration for it came while I was still at my old food blog (before p.s.heart even existed!), and I am so happy that it's finally happening.

"Back to Basics" will often be found before/after tasty tuesday posts, and will likely be linked within recipe posts for more in-depth tutorials for those newer to baking, and to hopefully keep future recipes from feeling redundant for those who know what they're doing!

We have several ideas for basic recipes already, but we would LOVE to hear your ideas and leave a comment below, and keep an eye out for future "Back to Basics" posts! 

p.s.   kelsey

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