Thursday, 23 August 2012

diy : lace earrings

Normally, I would totally leave the jewelry DIYs for Kelsey (since she's got such an eye for these things & is a total pro!), but when I saw this DIY over at this blog, I knew I just had to try this! My obsession with lace and the simplicity of this diy makes this post sooo exciting and I absolutely love how the project turned out!

{   I   N   S   T   R   U   C   T   I   O   N   S   } 

1. Carefully cut out your lace into your desired shapes. I tried several different combinations with mine.

2. Paint mod podge on your lace cut-outs on a hard surface (preferably plastic). 
    Make sure you get all the edges and little holes!

3. Dry out the mod podge covered pieces on a plastic surface (makes it easier to peel off once they're dried).

4. Using pliers, attach your lace pieces onto the earrings. 

Aren't these just darling?! 

I'm so excited to wear these for the rest of summer and into the new school year =)

p.s.   clara


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