Friday, 24 August 2012

in love with: moustaches

I really like facial hair.  

I'm not exactly sure when this strange obsession started.  But start it did.

Image found here.

Not only do I love cartoony facial hair, but real life facial hair as well!

A couple years ago my dad started growing out a hockey playoff goatee kind of as a joke, but my family loved it so much we begged him to keep it after the playoffs were finished.  I believe it makes him look quite dapper!

Image found here.

There is something just so charming about these little guys.

Image found here.

My birthday is coming up this week, and Kelsey came up with the genius idea of having a moustache theme birthday party.

So we have been brainstorming ideas (aka searching pinterest) for all sorts of moustache themed food and decorations we can make!

Image found here.

I am really hoping these straw toppers make an appearance.

Image found here.

I sincerely hope I get this moustache ring for my birthday.  It is a bit creepy, but I love it!

Image found here.

I wish I could bring my moustache to work every day!

Image found here.

We really do love gentlemen.  Especially those with outstanding facial hair!!

I can't wait for my birthday party this weekend!  I am sure you will see a blog post about it eventually.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures of moustaches as much as I did, and may you have a moustache filled weekend!

p.s. jordyn♥

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  1. Haha I'm right there with you. :) The mustache on strings art looks so cute. And the ring has have to buy it!!



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