Sunday, 5 August 2012

weekly wrap-up : family, food & festivals

This week has been wonderfully busy and full of all sorts of summer fun for me! To kick off the week, Caleb & I spent an amazing weekend with his side of the family for Dad's 60th birthday in Southern Alberta. We were ecstatic that all of his siblings were able to make it and we had a blast with our nieces and nephews!

The kids were ecstatic when Uncle Caleb dragged the sprinkler under the trampoline to cool down! 

Here's all of us celebrating Dad's birthday at Heritage Park in Calgary =) 

Enjoying a lazy morning with some delicious blueberry pancakes! Mmm....

I had to include this one because I loveee when I walk into our apartment after a long day of work and I can hear Caleb playing my favourite hymns and worship songs on the piano as I'm coming up to our suite. 
This man just melts my heart!

And because my man is so amazing, he took me thrifting and we found: 
Mr. & Mrs. Hoot, our new adorable owl salt & pepper shakers! 

And to wrap up our week, Caleb & I went on a double date with our lovely friends Danielle & Mike to a Heritage festival in Edmonton! Here's us in front of the Vietnamese tent =)

waiting for my favourite Dutch treat... poffertjes!

The food was amazing and we tried everything from Serbian to Egyptian to Indonesian. I also loved seeing all the traditional dances, songs, and costumes. This is a major reason why I'm so proud to be Canadian. I love that different cultures and peoples are celebrated! It makes life so much more vibrant and beautiful.

& of course, we had to visit the Korean Pavillion =)

Confession time: no word of a lie, when I was younger, I actually used to be part of a Korean girls dance group that used to perform this traditional fan dance at festivals like these in Ontario!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer days as much as I am! 

p.s.  clara ♥


  1. I love that he plays praise songs! How sweet. :)
    And the owls are adorable!


  2. Great post, Clara. I really enjoyed our time with you and Caleb last weekend. It was wonderful to re-connect with you two. Love you!

  3. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend.....and of course, last weekend was amazing with you and the rest of your sibs home.

    Mama H

  4. Erica & Mom, it was a WONDERFUL weekend, seriously so amazing to have the whole family together to celebrate Dad's b-day and just hang out =) we loved seeing everyone, thanks for having us all, Mama!


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