Saturday, 11 August 2012

outfit post : summer stripes

This week's outfit is inspired by my love for the nautical look that is just so in during summer! I love the look of blue and white stripes and the rope string on this skirt is the perfect detail. Pair your stripes with some poppin' cherry lipstick and a pair of classy shades and get ready to rock out the remainder of this summer!
This looks totally makes me miss my Ontario roots... Summer days filled with visits to the beach, riding waves, playing beach volleyball, and watching the sunset with friends as we prepare bonfires for the evening... so many good memories! Living in Alberta doesn't exactly lend itself to beachy days & nights, but I'll wear this outfit loud and proud, regardless!

And if you actually live close to a beach, ditch those summer wedges and throw on a pair of comfy slip ons to chill out in =) Enjoy this last month of summer!

p.s. clara  ♥


  1. You are the freakin' cutest thing EVA! Love you and can't wait to see you next week!

  2. this outfit is so cute! I love the sinple/nautical feel of it.
    Love the blog by the way. Definitely following you guys :)

    p.s clara, i am also from edmonton :)

    1. thanks michelle! and that's so awesome, we should totally meet up for coffee someday =) also, your blog is all sorts of wonderful!


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