Saturday, 25 August 2012

outfit post: red pants and a fedora

Sometimes you get in a style rut, and you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you create new outfits.

Yesterday I frantically ran into Kelsey's room saying "I'm supposed to do an outfit post tomorrow but I've used all my good outfits!"

She calmly took me back into my room and start pulling clothes out of my closet.

We decided to style my outfit around my red pants.  Since my pants were so loud she picked basic cream coloured tee with a bit of detail around the collar. 

 She paired this with a classic denim jacket.

We added the hat for personality, tying in the red feather with the pants.   

I think this will be my back to school outfit.  Still a bit summery, but warm enough for the fall!

A friend of mine bought these shoes, but they were too small for her!  So she kindly gave them to me.

I absolutely love this fedora!

Of course I had to do a jumping photo!  I call these my superhero pants because they are so bright, and remind me of Spiderman's suit... And this is my Spiderman pose!

So thank you to Kelsey for picking out this outfit, and taking the photos.

p.s.   jordyn

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