Wednesday, 8 August 2012

in love with : birds

Lately I've been crushing on birds of all sorts.  Owls, sparrows, robins...I love them all!

found: here, here and here

They can be cute, whimsical, and bring a sweet touch of nature to everything.

Both of these lovelies are from Anthropologie (which I adore!)...and are found here and here.

I wish I had an excuse to buy this headband from etsy!  So sweet.

{from (starting at the top lefthand corner): here, here, here, here and here}

And although I don`t think I`d ever get a tattoo (they are SO permanent....and I change my mind waaaay too quickly, haha), I really love the delicate look of bird tattoos!

{from: here, here, here and here}

I'm seriously in love with all of these prints from etsy!  I just love how simple and pretty they are!

The above ribbon is just so darling...and I'm thinking of adding it to my ever-growing craft collection.  And, since I'm completely addicted to all things baking related.....I just can't get enough of these cupcake stands!  They are just so darling.

For now, most of these items will remain on my (incredibly long) wish list....but a girl can dream!

p.s. kelsey ♥


  1. I have to pass this along to my friend. She's obsessed with all things birds! I LOVE those bird tattoos as well.

  2. Oh, this warmed my heart... :) Reminds me of Psalm 55, verses 6 to 7:

    Oh, that I had wings like a dove;
    then I would fly away and rest!
    I would fly far away
    to the quiet of the wilderness.

  3. I am really enjoying the visits with crows on our telephone wires recently. I love to watch their interactions with each other. And, it's also wonderful to hear the return of the Canada Geese to the lake every morning. It won't be long before they go south for warmer days, but for now we get to enjoy their voices, flight and companionship.
    Birds are freeing...I always wanted to fly like a bird when I was young.


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