Sunday, 12 August 2012

weekly wrap up: weddings galore

So the last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for me (Jordyn), but I am loving it!  Yesterday I went to my third wedding in three weeks.  

Remember Jenna and Travis who got married in July?  Yesterday Jenna was a bridesmaid for her good friend Jordan, who had also been one of her bridesmaids.

After working with Jordan at Jenna's wedding, she asked me to do her wedding video too.  I was so happy to have had the opportunity to work with these lovely people again.  Jordan looked stunning, and Eddie just as handsome.  They were a joy to work with!

Their wedding was at Camp Squeah, a camp up near Hope, where they had both been camp counselors.  Their wedding was adorable, very DIY and had an adorable rustic feel.  They put so much work into personalized crafts, and everything was beautiful!

They opted for cupcakes rather than a traditional cake, and presented them on these awesome tree trunk cake stands.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of videoing the wedding of another friend of mine.  The bride, Kirsten, is the sister of a good friend of mine.  I got to know her better when she picked berries at my farm a few years ago, and we have kept in touch ever since!  We like to chat about school, friends, the farm, and share opinions on one of our favourite television shows, "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

 Instead of the traditional clinking of the glasses, Kirsten and Curtis decided to have a "Kiss Jar" so when you wanted them to kiss, you had to pick a piece of paper out of the jar and complete the dare you received. 

Curtis proposed to Kirsten during a game of Scrabble, so they incorporated Scrabble tiles into the wedding decorations.  This was so cute and personal!  Each table number was written in Scrabble tiles as well.

I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to work with all these fantastic people this summer!  All of the brides have been so amazing, I count myself lucky to have had such positive experiences.

p.s. jordyn  ♥

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  1. I hope you share the videos sometime! I would love to see your work!



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